What We Do

Having fun designing and recommending other products that fit our brand and lifestyle. We pride ourselves in finding good partners that have the same quality and standards we have come to appreciate here in the United States.

We follow some core values

We don't have a lot of rules cause rules are no fun, but some of the things we hold dear is to respect and treat others the way they want to be treated. Our employees continue to give us motivation to get bigger and grow. We also believe in freedom of creation and without allowing our employees to be creative we wouldn't continue to bring new products to the marketplace.

We take on all the risk

We partner with suppliers both in the United States locally and abroad in China, Indonesia, India, and more. Worried about buying from websites that have shady looking sites or not in country? We take the pain away from getting great priced items without the worry of your transactions being misused or not receiving your items.  We carry the risk so you don't have to, Our suppliers are vetted to be of the best quality possible, and many of our products are sourced locally. your information is safe and secure with our website and our company is locally based in Pennsylvania, United States.

100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal

We want our customers to come back to us and continue to shop our goods. We try to ensure every order is processed correctly and efficiently so our customers have the greatest buying experience they can in our retail stores and online.  As our brand continues to grow our customers are what make us great.  Obviously mistakes can happen but we will always strive for perfection in this goal.  If you are unsatisifed for any reason you can contact us at any time night or day.